Opticlean Machine

Developed especially for the cleaning of high line anilox rolls. Partly due to the special rubber roll construction, anilox rolls up to 1,000 l/cm can be cleaned effortlessly! The OptiClean machine performs cleaning by use of heated cleaning agents, in combination with rubber rolls which the anilox roll or anilox sleeve is positioned on. The opticlean makes use of BioClean cleaning agents, the right cleaning agent is essential to soak the pollution. Your rolls and/or sleeves will be cleaned effortlessly and without causing damage.


Another advantage is the quick cleaning process, which takes about 20 minutes…

The good cleaning results are achieved by using the right cleaning agent, in combination with temperature and the 2 complete rubber rolls that you place your anilox roll upon. Since these are complete rubber rolls, always a “channel” of heated fluid will remain in contact with the pollution. For other machines that make use of heated fluids, the rolls are often positioned on wheels, as a result of which the cleaning agent directly falls off the roll and will be less effective. The rubber rolls also have a certain hardness (shore) due to which the cleaning agent will be absorbed into the cells of your anilox roll.


The Opticlean is quite flexible in terms of length and diameter, you can clean any format desired, even different lengths and diameters can be combined in the machine.

With our new “sleeve closing device” even the largest sleeves can be sealed by one operator. The adapters will automatically expand, due to the use of pressurised air.

Advantages of Opticlean:

  • Opticlean achieves the best result in comparison with other cleaning machines
  • Opticlean is a quick cleaning method
  • Opticlean is easy to use
  • Opticlean is suitable for anilox rolls and/or anilox sleeves
  • Opticlean makes use of in-house developed Bioclean products, so an appropriate cleaning agent is always available for your pollution
  • Opticlean is available in different formats up to 6 metres of line length
  • Opticlean will effortlessly clean the highest lines without causing any damage to the anilox roll

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