AL1500 Offline Laser

The AL1500 is a high-tech anilox roll cleaning machine that cleans anilox rolls and sleeves in the safest way possible, without causing any damage to the ceramic or cell structure.

Designed by experienced anilox roll experts.

The AL1500 makes use of the latest MOPA laser technique with adjustable pulse frequency and pulse duration. As such, the laser intensity can be set with surgical precision and will thus not cause any damage to the cell structure whatsoever. The AL1500 is capable of cleaning anilox sleeves and/or anilox rolls with trunnions up to a line of 1,000 l/cm. Special software checks the laser continuously. Endurance tests have proven that you can clean your anilox rolls as often as desired when using with the AL1500 and also extend the lifespan, while being able to produce with controlled parameters. Pollution will be extracted and collected in a high-end filter system.


Makes use of the latest MOPA laser technique with adjustable pulse frequency and pulse duration.


Parameters fully controlled for a “velvet glove” cleaning without any damage to your anilox.


For rolls and sleeves.


Automatic follow focus system for reproduceable results.


Temperature control on electrical components and optics.


Auto focus and auto-TIR settings.


Automatic program for light, medium and heavy pollution with LED indication for program status.


High-end filter system.


Machine is remotely controllable.


LED strip indicates machine status.


Automatic laser source cleaning.


Optionally 5 years of warranty, also on the laser source.


The safest laser in the market, in our opinion. Come over and test it, using your own rolls.


No additives required and no waste.


Built-in securities on rotation and linear guide motor.


Pneumatic clamping of sleeves for quick installation and extension.


Cleaning process for a sleeve of 1,380mm and diameter of Ø159.90 takes approximately 30 minutes.


Timer in display, enabling you to view how much longer the cleaning process will take.


Your roll numbers will be saved, so you can see exactly how often and when a roll was cleaned.

Advantages of AL1500:

  • AL1500 cleans with superior cleaning results
  • AL1500 is the safest machine in the market
  • AL1500 is easy to use
  • AL1500 is quite flexible for different lengths of anilox rolls and anilox sleeves
  • AL1500 is available in different sizes
  • AL1500 makes use of the latest MOPA laser technology
  • Test the AL1500 at our location, with your own rolls or sleeves
  • Developed by experienced anilox roll experts
  • ROI within 2 years
  • There is also a possibility to lease or rent the machines

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