BicarBlast has joined the Clean Solutions Group

We are very pleased to announce that BicarBlast has joined the Clean Solutions Group. Other members of the Clean Solutions Group are Flexoclean, Rogier Bosman Chemie and Vecotix.

We believe that this will bring benefits for everyone. It will certainly make our company stronger and more competitive in the market. Our broader product offering and increased resources will further enhance our quality customer service.

Examples of these increased resources are:
• Inline and offline cleaning with the “Deepwave” and “Handy” (Liquid deepcleaning) (Link to pdf)
• Inline and offline cleaning with “BioJet” (Sodium Bicarbonate deepcleaning) (Link to video BioJet In-Press) / (Link to video BioJet Cabinet)
• Inline and offline cleaning with IL8000 and AL1500 (Laser deepcleaning) (Link to video Inline Laser) / (link to video offline laser)
• Own production of Liquid cleaners for daily and periodic cleaning (Link to Liquids page on website)
• Wide range of cleaning machines for Anilox Rolls and Plate Cleaning Machines (Link to machine page)
• State of the art Lab Facility to research your inks and coatings and produce custom made cleaners for you (Link to Lab page on website)
• Automation solutions for auto-dosing cleaning liquids to your printing press

We have decided to re-name BicarBlast as JetCleaning from 01-11-2020. We assure you that all your customer records will remain properly maintained and organized, as you are used to from us.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about these increased resources! We are looking forward to the benefits that we can bring you as a result of this step. If you have any questions about JetCleaning or the Clean Solutions Group, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation!

With best regards,


Niels Gerrits / Director


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Changed Contact Details from 01-11-2020:
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Sigarenmaker 2
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